Wireless Mesh Networking

    Fortress™ Secure Wireless Mesh Points

    With over 50,000 units sold, General Dynamics C4 Systems has a proven history of delivering rugged and easily deployable secure wireless mesh networks to keep military and public safety workers connected, anywhere, anytime. Currently deployed in some of the world's most demanding environments, customers rely on Fortress mesh points to support vital operations that rely on secure, high performance networking where no infrastructure exists.

    Where do you need secure wireless connectivity?

    • Vehicle to vehicle communications
    • Vehicle to infrastructure communications (building or tower)
    • Point to Point (or Multi-Point)
    • Dismounted personnel
    • Remote locations
    • Portable or temporary Wi-Fi hotspot
    • Self-forming, self-healing, path-optimized mesh network
    • Ruggedized for harsh environments
    • Long range and broadband performance
    • Easy-to-use
    • Multiple, interoperable form factors for any application
    • Licensed and unlicensed spectrum support
    • U.S. federal government and DoD security compliant

    If you would like to learn more about how Fortress products can keep you connected, or would like to see a live product demonstration, please contact us.

    Read about the Energy Department's new secure wireless system for classified data.


    ES2440ES2440 High Capacity Infrastructure Mesh Point — High-capacity wireless mesh point with up to four radios that provides rapid outdoor deployment across long distances.

    ES520ES520 Deployable Mesh Point — Multi-function wireless mesh point that provides portable networking to command centers and small tactical unit environments.

    ES820ES820 Vehicle Mesh Point — Vehicle mesh point specifically tailored to maintain network connectivity between vehicles on the move. Ideal for convoys, mobile command centers, unmanned systems, and other vehicles that need to maintain reliable mobile communications.

    ES210ES210 Tactical Mesh Point — Handheld, compact and rugged secure wireless mesh point designed to be worn by individuals or used for edge devices such as cameras, unmanned vehicles and sensors.



    • Evolved Packet Core (EPC 3000)

      General Dynamics’ EPC3000 series Evolved Packet Core combines Serving Gateway (S-GW), Mobility Management Entity (MME) and Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN-GW) into a highly scalable and cost effective architecture.


    • Fortress® ES520 Deployable Mesh Point

      A multi-function wireless access device, wireless bridge, switch, and security gateway designed for rapid outdoor deployment.

    • Fortress® ES820 Vehicle Mesh Point

      A wireless access device with integrated security functions designed to be embedded in ground vehicles, unmanned systems, ships, boats and other mobile platforms.

    • Fortress® ES210 Tactical Mesh Point

      A portable wireless access device with integrated security, battery and GPS in a man wearable, highly portable, rugged form factor for dismounted personnel.

    • Fortress® ES2440 Infrastructure Mesh Point

      A two or four radio wireless access device designed for use with sector antennas for outdoor environments. The ES2440 has gigabit performance crypto throughput and is enabled with GPS.

    • Fortress™ Wireless Mesh Point Administrator Training

      The three day course is designed to specifically meet the needs of the network operators, administrators, and engineers who plan to create secure wireless networks using Fortress wireless mesh points.


    • LTE V6 eNodeB

      The LTE V6 eNodeB combines digital baseband processing and radio circuits in a compact outdoor environmentally hardened enclosure.