URC-200 (V2) LOS Transceiver

VHF/UHF AM-FM radio system for military ATC, commercial and public service operations

GSA Schedule # GS-35F-0060N

URC-200 (V2) Co-Site Filter

Step Away From That Radio! New Wireless Handheld Option for the URC Transceivers


Multi-band, multi-mode radio gives you the flexibility to operate in both the AM/FM bands and VHF/UHF spectrum. You can also customize the radio to work in manpack, rackmount, vehicular and intercom applications.

No security clearance needed - the URC is a non-CCI radio, so you don't need any special security clearances to operate it. This also means that it can be shipped and stored without COMSEC handling requirements.

Remote control access lets you use the radio from a distance. It's also lightweight and ruggedized, giving you radio communications in the harshest environments.

Handheld ground-to-air comms - you can now pair our PathmakerTM handheld, mesh network radio with the URC-200 (V2) to talk to airplanes with a handheld device so you don't have to be next to the URC to talk.

Dismounted vehicular comms - you can also use the Pathmaker radio in conjunction with your vehicular mounted URC so you can leave your vehicle and still be able to communicate.

The URC-200 (V2) is fully compatible with legacy URC-200 series family accessories and includes the following new benefits:


  • URC-200 (V2) Line of Sight (LOS) transceiverBrighter, higher-contrast display improves readability in low light conditions
  • The receiver's AM performance provides clearer and improved voice reception
  • Frequency stability is enhanced to provide ±1 PPM accuracy
  • The 8.33kHz option (ECS-8) provides improved adjacent channel rejection
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URC training is available — come to us or we can come to you! For dates and pricing information, visit our training site. Please e-mail us for on-site customer training.

Training Topics

  • URC Radio Introduction
  • Description and Specifications
  • Installation and Setup
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
For full syllabus details, please download the URC-200 (V2) Transceiver Training Content Outline.