TACLANE®-MultiBook™ Secure Laptop

TACLANE-MultiBook - now NSA CertifiedIncredibly Secure — Decidedly Mobile

The TACLANE-MultiBook secure laptop is the only “all in one” solution for classified computing. Government and military personnel can now use this Dell laptop to remotely and simultaneously access unclassified and classified information. The MultiBook’s integrated Suite B security protects information stored on the computer, as well as data being sent to and from networks classified Secret and below. In addition, the MultiBook does not have any burdensome COMSEC handling requirements making it ideal for government workers on the go.

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  • NSA certified to protect information classified Secret and below
  • Suite B information/processing
  • TACLANE® Data-in-Transit (DIT) encryption protects information being sent to and from classified networks
  • ProtecD@R® Data-at-Rest (DAR) encryption protects data stored on the computer from loss or theft
  • Simultaneous access to the internet, NIPRNET and SIPRNET*
  • Secure wireless cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Secure web browsing, voice, and video
  • All the features of a commercial Dell laptop
  • Simplified handling and transportation — no COMSEC requirements
  • Workstation consolidation reduces SWaP


The TACLANE-MultiBook is ideal for:

  • Telecommuters and road warriors
  • First responders
  • High-risk environments
  • Fixed and mobile secure facilities
  • Covert mobile users
  • International travelers
  • Multilevel computing users
  • Secure video conferencing

* TACLANE-MultiBook is currently undergoing CT&E testing and is anticipated to be certified by the DSAWG in 3-4Q 2014. The MultiBook cannot be used on the SIPRNET until this certification is issued by the DSAWG.

TACLANE®-MultiBook: a Single Solution

Latest Computing Features

  • Dell Latitude E6430
    • Available with 8GB or 16GB, DDR3-1600MHz SDRAM
    • Intel® Core™ i5-3320M
    • 9-cell (97WH) primary lithium ion battery
    • 14" HD (1366x768) anti-glare
    • LED-backlit display
    • 240 GB solid state drive
    • Microsoft® Windows 7, XP, Vista
    • 4+ hour battery life
    • 3.4 Mbps HAIPE® data rate
  • Wide range of available computing options and accessories including: docks, monitors, keyboards and mouse, wireless adapters, input devices and CAC/PIV readers
  • Accommodates standard COTS USB devices (may be mapped to specific domains) for flexibility and future expansion
    • USB network adapters
    • USB removable media (e.g., USB CD/DVD drives and USB thumb drives)
    • ExpressCard devices are supported provided they only use the USB portion of the Express-Card interface
  • Operating Systems Supported
    • Microsoft® XP, Vista®
    • Microsoft Windows 7
Person  holding TACLANE-MultiBook security module
Security module


  • Designed for Secret and below with non-CCI CHVP handling
  • Proven TACLANE HAIPE® v3.0.2 encryption for Data-in-Transit protection
  • ProtecD@R® Data-at-Rest encryption for Secret and below
  • Tamper evident solution
  • Field software/firmware upgradeable
  • Cryptographic token for access control of all cryptographic functions
  • Permits simultaneous communication with Secret and unclassified networks
  • Key management:
    • Authenticated PPK for HAIPE Data in Transit (DIT)
    • No key management necessary for Data at Rest (DAR)

Secure Virtualization

  • Simultaneous view of multiple security levels, domains and operating systems with TVE trusted data separation

Operational Environment

  • Operates in non-secure environments over public networks
  • Connects directly to Secret and unclassified networks in secure environments (office or garrison)

Network Connectivity

  • High over Low Tunneling
    • Secure access to Secret and below networks via HAIPE® tunnel across non-secure public networks
  • TVE/High Assurance Platform® (HAP) architecture allows initial access to public networks before going secure, without the need to reboot
  • Connectivity in office or garrison is provided through independent red and black network interfaces
  • Wireless connectivity to unclassified networks via COTS networking capabilities like cellular and WiFi
  • MCEP and VPN Connectivity
  • Network interfaces for encrypted classified and unclassified use
    • Integrated Fast Ethernet LAN (copper)
    • 802.11 b, g and n via external USB WLAN adapters
    • Cellular via external USB WWAN adapters
  • Plaintext data network interface for direct connection to classified networks


  • Transported as a Cryptographic High Value Product (CHVP)
  • Simplified Transportation and Accounting per CHVP Policy CNSSI No.4031
  • Tamper Case enhances security and eases handling
    • TSA friendly
    • Safe for shipping and storage
    • Enables Non-CCI handling
Several views of TACLANE-MultiBook transit case
Tamper Case


TACLANE-MultiBook   MB6420BKT
TACLANE®-MultiBook Bundled Package
Includes: TACLANE-MultiBook secure laptop, Tamper Case and CIK, User Documentation, 3 year Hardware and 1 year Software maintenance and 24/7 Help Desk Support.

Transit case - click to view larger version   MBCASE01   Tamper Case

Crypto Ignition Key (CIK) - click to view larger version   MBCIK01   Crypto-Ignition Key (CIK)

Battery - click to view larger verison   MBBATT01   Extended Life Lithium Battery

  MBMON01   Desktop Monitor

Office dock - click to view larger version   MBDOCK01   Office Dock

External keyboard - click to view larger verison   MBKEYB01   External Keyboard

Mouse - click to view larger version   MBMOUS01   External Mouse

  MBPRIV01   Privacy Screen

Laptop case - click to view larger verison   MBBAG01   Laptop Case

Neoprene sleeve - click to view larger version   MBSLEV01   Neoprene Sleeve

  EDGUPDC01   Data/Software Update Cable

DTD fill cable - click to view larger version   EDGDTDC01   DTD Fill Cable

External smart card reader - click to view larger version   MBCARD01   External Smart Card Reader

USB to ethernet adapter - click to view larger verison   MBUSB01   USB-to-Ethernet Network Adapter

  MBREP01   TACLANE-MultiBook Repair Service

  MBCDDVD01   External CD/DVD Drive

  MBWARR02   Software 2-year Warranty Conversion



Please contact our INFOSEC Team for pricing information

TACLANE-MultiBook Now Available via GSA Contract
GSA Order: GS-35F-0060N
Schedule #70 • SIN 132-8

General Dynamics 24/7 customer support24/7 Customer Support

You are never alone when you partner with General Dynamics to secure your critical information. With over 76,000 deployed NSA-certified encryptors worldwide, General Dynamics is committed to support our customers worldwide with a 24/7 technical Help Desk.

TACLANE-MultiBook Training

Our Infosec support page is designed to make it easy for customers to access the information they need. Please visit www.gdc4s.com/infosecsupport for the following support features:

  • Product Update Notifications — Sign up to receive technical bulletins, upgrade notices and other important product information automatically via E-mail.
  • Warranty Status — Enter the serial number of your encryption device to find out the date your warranty or maintenance expires.
  • Depot Status — Track your encryptor through the depot.
  • Order Status — Track the status of your orders.
  • Help Desk — Contact our technical Help Desk 24 hours a day/7 days a week:
    410-850-4893 / 877-230-0236
    DSN 644-1139
  • Download the Public Key here

TACLANE®-MultiBook™ Secure Laptop Training

The TACLANE-MultiBook Administrator Training course is a three-day course offered at our Linthicum, MD facility. The course combines classroom presentations and hands-on-exercises designed to teach you how to install, configure, deploy, and maintain the TACLANE-MultiBook in a practical environment. The course also includes a complete training module on how to use the TACLANE-MultiBook once it has been deployed. Students who pass the short written and practical examination at the end of the course will receive a certificate. For more information please visit the TACLANE-MultiBook training page.

The Course Includes:

  • Certificate management
  • Loading keys
  • Security module & HAIPE® configuration
  • Security domain control configuration
  • VM configuration
  • TACLANE-MultiBook cloning
  • Installation of operating systems
  • TACLANE-MultiBook deployment


TACLANE and ProtecD@R are registered trademarks of General Dynamics. HAIPE is a registered trademark of the National Security Agency. All other product and service names are the property of the respective owners.