General Dynamics Mission Systems has extensive knowledge to share with our customers and offers a range of services.

GDC4S Satellite Communication ServicesSatellite Communication Services

As a major provider of Iridium® satellite services and support to U.S. and foreign governments, General Dynamics Satellite Communication Services give you access to the world with communication products for the Iridium system. The Iridium system allows true global roaming by communicating directly through satellites.

GDC4S Satellite OperationsSatellite Operations

Our teams of engineers, operations professionals and program managers ensure our steady, continual growth through competence, customer focus and program performance. Spacecraft systems and subsystems engineering, mission planning, ground systems engineering and management, communications and network services are all part of the services offered through the SpacePlex™ operations center.

GDC4S System Support and LogisticsSystem Support and Logistics

The System Support/Logistics business area of General Dynamics Mission Systems provides a wide range of services and logistics – Regional Support Centers, Contractor Field Service Representatives, Depot Operations, Shelter Overhaul, Training, a Logistics Reporting System and Configuration Management. We are dedicated to solving the needs of our customers and providing the best possible products and services in the right place at the right time.

GDC4S TrainingTraining

Our computer-based training and simulation systems and management tools provide defense and public safety users with the software and systems training and support they need to effectively and efficiently manage and visualize training exercises.

General Dynamics Mission Systems also provides comprehensive training services which include the design and development of classroom and web-based training materials, computer-based training, and distance learning products.

Iridium is a registered trademark of Iridium Services, LLC.

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