GD Protected™ Mobile Solutions for Classified

    GD Protected for commercial smartphones

    GD Protected for Classified

    The mobile government workforce has long awaited a secure mobile solution from a trusted source that combines commercial smartphone features, with the ability to secure classified voice and data communications. General Dynamics in partnership with Samsung, can now satisfy that secure mobility need with a holistic enterprise solution, ensuring IT and Government compliance, access controls and mobile device management capabilities.

    GD Protected for Classified Secure Voice and Data

    GD Protected™ is a software solution that ensures device and application security for commercial smartphones. With GD Protected, Government and enterprise users now have the confidence and freedom to improve efficiency and productivity outside the confines of a secure area.

    Building upon the security features inherent in the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, GD Protected securely integrates Government NIAP approved components for a complete mobile solution to ensure the integrity of your commercial mobile device and interoperability with existing Government infrastructure. These components provide:

    • Samsung Galaxy S4 features
    • Always on VPN (Data-in-transit protection)
    • Data-at-rest protection
    • Secure voice, email and web browsing
    • DMCC 2.0 compliant via NSA's CSfC process
    • Integrated NIAP-approved components
    • GD value added security features

    Government Approved Security  

    As a key provider of secure phones and network encryptors to the government, General Dynamics understands the critical importance of interoperability, "Chain of Trust", requirement compliance, and 24/7 customer support. GD Protected for Classified leverages the NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) process and currently complies with the DMCC 2.0 requirements for security, configuration and interoperability. GD Protected incorporates NIAP approved components, per the CSfC process.

    GD Protected is Ideal For:

    • Military personnel
    • Road warriors and telecommuters
    • Field agents
    • First responders
    • Those responsible for protecting critical resources
    • Regulated industries such as health and banking


    GD Protected for Classified is available for selected Samsung Galaxy Smartphones (S4). Support for additional platforms (i.e. tablets) and additional capabilities are expected in the future. For additional product or procurement information,  please email

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