GD Protected™ Mobile Solutions for Classified

    GD Protected for commercial smartphones

    GD Protected for Classified

    General Dynamics is the provider of the Defense Mobile Classified Capability (DMCC) 2.0 smartphone. Selected by the National Security Agency (NSA), the GD Protected for Classified DMCC smartphone was selected to provide authorized government personnel the first Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) approved mobile solution for classified secure voice and data.

    Building upon the security features inherent in the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, GD Protected securely integrates Government NIAP approved components for a complete mobile solution to ensure the integrity of your commercial mobile device and interoperability with existing Government infrastructure. These components provide:

    • Samsung Galaxy S4 features
    • Always on VPN (Data-in-transit protection)
    • Data-at-rest protection
    • Secure voice, email and web browsing
    • GD value added security features


    DISA services users should contact DISA for requirements and product fulfillment. To submit your request to DISA please provide your full name, organization, phone, email and explantion of need to

    GD Protected DMCC Smartphone Overview

    GD Protected leverages Government/National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) approved, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)-interoperable components such as:

    • Samsung Galaxy S4 (Protection Profile for Mobile Device Fundamentals)
    • CellCrypt (Protection Profile for Voice over IP Client)
    • StrongSwan (Protection Profile for IPsec Virtual Private Network (VPN) Clients)
    • Mobile Iron approval in process (Protection Profile for Mobile Device Management Protection)

     GD Protected DMCC Smartphone Capabilities

    • Secure wireless access to classified networks (e.g. SIPRNET)
    • Secure voice communications
    • Secure email and web browsing
    • Cellular (Verizon) connectivity
    • Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Policy Enforcement
    • Additional features and functions available based on user CONOPs

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    FAQs - To view the GD Protected™ FAQs click here.