Secure Voice & Data

    From the network to the desktop to the individual, for more than 40 years the General Dynamics family of certified interoperable secure voice and data encryption and computing devices has provided reliable secure communications to ensure that information is accessed only by intended recipients.

    To meet growing Cyber security threats and ensure the protection of information in today's Global Information Grid, encryption devices from high-bandwidth encryptors at the core of the network to personal mobile devices at the edge are the critical components to ensure interoperability and keep you connected and protected, anytime, anywhere.


    • Network Encryption - The TACLANE® family of network encryptors are the most widely deployed HAIPE® encryptors in the world. Our proven and reliable encryptors offer interoperable solutions to meet a variety of network speeds and security requirements.
    • Data-at-Rest Encryption - General Dynamics provides both standard and customizable data-at-rest encryption products that provide confidence that your stored information is protected if lost or stolen.
    • Encryptor Management - Networks are becoming larger, more diverse, and faster everyday. As networks grow so does the number of encryptors needed to manage these networks. GEM X™ Encryptor Manager allows users to centrally manage all of their TACLANE encryptors locally or remotely.
    • Secure Voice - With more than 90,000 devices deployed, Sectera® personal communication devices provide certified high-assurance, end-to-end secure communications for GSM, CDMA, ISDN, Analog, VoIP and satellite networks.


    • Fibre Channel Encryption

      Protects the Data-at-Rest (DAR) stored on your storage network and supports both fixed and removable media. Ruggedized for tactical environments, ProtecD@R Network is embedded in a VITA chassis and enables multiple security levels to be stored in a single storage array, reducing your total cost of ownership.


    • GEM X™ Universal Remote Encryptor Manager

      GEM X™ is an intuitive, easy-to-use encryptor management tool that allows administrators to remotely manage and control a single device or large network of encryption devices. The most widely used encryptor manager, GEM X is standards-based and uniquely provides automatic device discovery capabilities using the Generic Discovery Server.

    • Generic Discovery Server (GDS)

      GDS is a software application that simplifies the configuration process and increases the efficiency of High Assurance IP Encryptors (HAIPE®).


    • KG-530 High Speed SONET Encryptor

      Designed to secure information classified Top Secret Codeword and Below, the KG-530 is the fastest encryptor in the world providing end-to-end, low latency security for SONET networks at 40 Gb/s throughput speeds.


    • ProtecD@R® Embedded Encryptor (DaR-400E)

      The ProtecD@R® Embedded Data-at-Rest (DAR) encryptor protects stored data classified Secret and below for tactical applications, making it ideal for ruggedized VITA applications and unattended platforms such as tactical vehicles, and UAVs where there is threat of platform compromise or overrun.

    • ProtecD@R® High Speed Encryptor (KG-540A)

      Protects the data stored on InfiniBand-based storage networks for airborne applications.

    • ProtecD@R® High Speed Encryptor (KG-540B)

      Protects the data stored on InfiniBand-based storage networks for ground applications.

    • ProtecD@R® PC Data-at-Rest Encryptor (DaR-400)

      Developed to secure data stored on your computer’s hard drive, ProtecD@R® PC offers users a single unit that can be installed in a desktop computer or attached to a laptop to protect information classified Secret and below.


    • Sectéra® BDI Terminal

      When high assurance secure communications is required in remote areas where terrestrial communications are not available, the Sectéra BDI (Black Digital Inferface) Terminal provides end-to-end voice and data security for digital communications.

    • Sectéra® vIPer™ Universal Secure Phone

      The latest technology for both non-secure and secure, end-to-end Voice over IP and analog networks, the vIPer eliminates the need for multiple desktop phones. The vIPer phone is the only VoIP phone certified to protect information classified Top Secret/SCI and below over commercial, wired networks.

    • Sectéra® Wireless GSM® Phone

      Provides end-to-end, high-assurance secure voice and data communications for commercial GSM wireless networks.


    • TACLANE® Training

      Classroom presentations and hands-on-exercises designed to teach you how to install, configure and maintain the TACLANE®-Micro/TACLANE-1G IP Encryptor/GEM X products.

    • TACLANE® Trusted Sensor Software

      TACLANE Trusted Sensor Software provides additional security to protect and defend networks and information from cyber attacks. The TSS Software porivdes additional security by adding intrusion detection and intrusion prevention capabilities to the TACLANE encryptor.

    • TACLANE® Trusted Sensor Software Training

      One day hands-on-course designed to provide the in-depth knowlege and training needed to activate, configure and maintain the TACLANE Trusted Sensor Software to identify and mitigate network intrustions.

    • TACLANE®-10G Encryptor (KG-175X)

      The TACLANE-10G is the next generation high-speed security solution expanding throughput performance to 10 Gb/s while maintaining the proven TACLANE security, reliability and ease-of-use.

    • TACLANE®-1G (KG-175G) Encryptor

      A low-profile, 1 Gb/s Cyber-Defense-capable network encryptor ruggedized for both tactical and strategic environments and NSA certified to protect information classified Top Secret SCI and below.

    • TACLANE®-C100 Non-CCI Suite B Encryptor

      The TACLANE®-C100 Encryptor provides users with a non-CCI solution to protect information classified Secret and below for both strategic and tactical environments

    • TACLANE®-GigE (KG-175A) Network Encryptor

      Selected as the DISN security solution, the TACLANE-GigE provides secure communications at 2 Gb/s aggregate throughput, enabling high bandwidth applications.

    • TACLANE®-Micro (KG-175D) Network Encryptor

      High-speed (200 Mb/s aggregate), compact (4.25 lbs), mobile, and foreign interoperable, the Micro is ideal for both tactical, and strategic environments and is the world’s most widely deployed HAIPE® encryptor.