Secure Computing Starts with a Trusted Operating System (OS)

PitBull is a multilevel security (MLS) software package that modifies and enhances the OS for trusted functionality and high assurance.

TNE LinkWhat does PitBull Do?

  • Prevents any bug in any program from damaging the system
  • Controls what network resources can be used by each program
  • Limits user and administrator accounts
  • Enforces a security policy on a system of malicious software


  • PitBull Foundation
  • PitBull Foundation Suite
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PitBull Foundation

PitBull Foundation Image

PitBull adds a fundamental layer of security to ensure integrity at all levels of operations.

  • Installs as an upgrade to the operating system
  • Isolates applications, network interfaces, data, and users using automatically validated security configuration – does not rely on a complex rule set for isolation.
  • Prevents exploitation of bugs in any one program from damaging the entire system
  • Controls network resources usable by each program
  • Controls and limits all user and administrator accounts – using least privileges. Eliminates superuser vulnerabilities
  • Allows for the development of flexible, ironclad security architectures
  • Exceeds LSPP (EAL4+) Common Criteria Requirements
  • Provides Bell-LaPadula based MAC (mandatory access controls)
  • Sensitivity labels are enforced at the kernel level
  • Supports Biba model MIC (mandatory integrity control) based labels
  • Provides user and process clearances
  • Supports roles and authorizations
  • Uses Poly-instantiated MLS network ports and labeled packets
  • Enforces two-man/four-eye login authentication
  • Allows for dual operational/configuration system modes of operation
  • System integrity checks and integrity databases
  • Disambiguated security mechanism protects critical Trusted Computing Base files and services
  • Supports Labeled printing with MAC controls
  • Enhanced and protected audit records


PitBull Foundation Suite

PitBull Foundation Suite Image

Building on PitBull Foundation, PitBull Foundation Suite allows commercial and custom software to be easily configured into trusted, sophisticated network architecture, securing utilities, tools, and scripts.

  • Streamlines architectures, improves performance, and reduces costs and manpower requirements
  • Allows users to securely access back-end applications via the Internet
  • Modular approach allows software to be tailored to a specific customer’s environment

Secure Communications Enforcer
Tightly integrated trusted programs that passes packets between different security partitions. Examines each incoming request and, if validated, directs it to the appropriate service.

Security Gate
Trusted software component that mediates limited, secure communication between applications or utilities in separate compartments, without allowing direct access to each other’s files.

Secure Program Launcher
Allows users without powerful authorizations to execute programs that operate at a high level of security, but only in a limited predefined manner.


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