Pathmaker™ Network Radios


Create networks in any environment

  • Instantly form a network where no infrastructure exists
  • Work when traditional networks are overloaded or destroyed
  • Pathmaker Network RadioOperate with existing radio systems to extend coverage

Anytime, Anywhere Instant Connectivity

Pathmaker Network Radios provide dynamic wireless, mobile, ad-hoc networking communications without reliance on network infrastructure. Pathmaker Radio users become their own network, which makes the radios ideal for use in remote locations where no infrastructure exists or where the infrastructure has been destroyed or overloaded.

Where legacy network infrastructure exists, the Pathmaker Network Radio System can take advantage of those networks by providing gateways, thereby increasing the network's footprint and reach. With a maximum of 32 radio users per channel, users can form traditional squad communications groups, or extend range and coverage by connecting to multiple networks. Users can communicate privately (one to one), as a group (one to many), and have multiple private and group sessions.

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Pathmaker radios are built for critical missions in challenging conditions and provide:

  • Superior simultaneous voice, data and video communications
  • Position Location Information (PLI) technology to track radio users' locations
  • Lightweight, low power use with 12 hours of battery life
  • Network management software for radio configuration, radio elimination in case of loss, prioritization change, and over-the-air programming
  • Gateway options for communications with other networks and/or systems (APCO25, VHF/UHF, IP, URC Line-of-Sight [LOS] Radios)
  • Text messaging capability
  • Multiple users on a single frequency to conserve spectrum space

These versatile radios work in a variety of situations, and are ideal for use by:

  • Military and paramilitary
  • Emergency first responders and disaster relief
  • Law enforcement, border patrol and drug interdiction
  • Forest Service, National Parks and Monuments
  • Commercial and private industry


  • Flexible, dynamic, infrastructure-less
  • Position Location Information (PLI) with GPS
  • Multi-hop, ad-hoc, self-organized network
  • No master/slave — no one point of failure
  • Quick deployment
  • Multiple simultaneous voice and data sessions
  • Multicast, broadcast, unicast (multiple simultaneous)
  • Text messaging capability
  • Preemption — 4 levels for voice and 8 for data
  • Multiple sub-networks (groups), with up to 32 radios per group
  • Automatically adaptive number of hops (up to 8) according to position and mobility of users
  • Dynamically allocated — up to 32 registered users per channel
  • Up to 40 available RF channels
  • Range — 1 km clear line-of-sight (750 m typical)
  • Audio gateway extension to external legacy networks such as PMR (Tetra, P25), VHF/UHF, and IP
  • Low energy consumption — 12 hours on single battery packat 500 mW
  • AES 128 encryption optionally configurable

Included with Pathmaker Radio

  • Antenna
  • Battery
  • Clip

In the Field

San Antonio Fire Department Field Tests Communications Using Pathmaker Network Radios
Using Pathmaker radios, the SAFD crew inside the building connected to radios located outside of the building, bypassing multiple reinforced concrete floors, without the use of traditional communications infrastructure. Read more …


  • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz – 2.485 GHz
  • Equipment type: 2-way radio device
  • User data rate (max): Up to 400 Kbps
  • Static Rx sensitivity: –93 dBm
  • Tx output power: 100 mW to 0.5 W
  • FSK modulation: 512KHz deviation
  • RF channel bandwidth: 2 MHz
  • Encryption: 128 bits
  • Audio max power: 1 W into 8 ohms
  • Power supply: 7.4V Li-Ion 1800 mAh
  • Dimensions and weight: 130 (h) x 59.5 (w) x 37 (d) mm, 277g including battery and antenna
  • Air interface ad-hoc protocol: QOLSR variant, multi-hop best-in-class ad-hoc networking
  • Commercial GPS: 3-5m, standard NMEA protocols
  • Data terminal interface: RS232, USB
  • Environmental protection: IP67 submersible 1m for 30 min.