Homeland Security

America's Homeland Security professionals need information to support their mission of a safer, more secure nation. General Dynamics C 4 Systems delivers this information securely, wherever and whenever they need it. Using ‘today' technology with ‘tomorrow' capability, we deliver ‘purpose-built', secure private networks for public agencies, any size, any scope, any where.

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Flexible. Reliable. Interoperable. See how General Dynamics Mission Systems is delivering the systems for our nation's most critical communications needs right now:

  • Rescue 21 -

    The nationwide command, control and communications system connects Coast Guard personnel with distressed mariners up to 20 nautical miles or more out to sea. The system is also interoperable with federal, state and local law enforcement and public safety organizations’ communications systems, increasing the Coast Guard’s effectiveness in accomplishing its missions, including critical homeland security operations. Rescue 21 became fully operational in 32 of 37 U.S. Coast Guard Sectors in 2012; the first life saved by the system was recorded 2005. To see Rescue 21 in action, click here (Windows Media Video [WMV] file).

  • Integrated Wireless Network -
    A secure, wireless communications capability for the Department of Justice that supports federal law enforcement, homeland security and first responders.