LandWarNet School-Resident Training

LandWarNet School BadgeFort Gordon pioneered the use of contracted training for new, high-tech systems. General Dynamics Mission Systems' involvement in the LandWarNet School (formerly known as the "Resident School") began in December 1985 with the Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) system contract. This contract required the development of and training on tactical communications equipment for the Army.

A unique feature of the General Dynamics' contract was the requirement to establish and operate a school to train military personnel in the operation and maintenance of the Mobile Subscriber Equipment. The LandWarNet School, located at Brems Barracks on Fort Gordon, opened on May 10, 1989. In 1998, the LandWarNet School was relocated to Brant Hall allowing for centralized training with the equipment co-located indoors with the classrooms.

LandWarNet Lab ImageThe LandWarNet School trains tactical communications systems to IET soldiers as well as commissioned, warrant and noncommissioned officers. The school provides curriculum development, multimedia design, staff development, instructional presentation, equipment maintenance, and property accountability.

Instruction at the LandWarNet School is designed around a hands-on approach. Students have the opportunity to use numerous training aids and simulators as well as actual shelter equipment to perform all tasks that are part of their course of instruction. These various training aids and simulators provide high fidelity and visual realism while constantly referring the student to the technical manual which will be the common link between school training and performing in units after they graduate.

Since its inception, the LandWarNet School has continuously evolved in order to keep up to date with the Signal Corps' ever-changing requirements. In 1994, the LandWarNet School was restructured and commenced training on the TRITAC family of tactical communications equipment as well as MSE. Additionally, the School kept pace with the numerous enhancements to the MSE/TRITAC equipment with technical insertions and system upgrades to its curriculum and high tech training aids and simulators.

LandWarNet Tech ImageKeeping in line with Army transformation, General Dynamics helped transition the LandWarNet School to train soldiers for the Digitized Army by integrating THSDN, SSS, and several ISYSCON courses into its curriculum. Additionally, the LandWarNet School provided Value Added Training packages as well as taking the lead in training IET soldiers under the new Assignment Oriented Training (AOT) methodology. In line with the Army's Distance Learning initiative, the LandWarNet School can export any of its conference lessons worldwide using Video Teleconferencing, collaboration tools such as Adobe Connect, or other Internet-based means of delivering training. Since 2004, the LandWarNet School has been modernizing its equipment, training methodologies, and use of training technologies to support the transition from MSE to the Joint Network Node (JNN) and finally to the Warfighter Information Network - Tactical (WIN-T). The LandWarNet School provides this training in residence at Fort Gordon and worldwide through its Distributed Learning (dL) and Mobile Training Team (MTT) capabilities.

General Dynamics Mission Systems and the LandWarNet School are meeting the challenges of training for future tactical communications systems. Whatever the needs of the U.S. Army Signal Center, General Dynamics Mission Systems will make every effort to ensure the LandWarNet School continues to develop and deliver the highest quality training possible.

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