HOOK2® Combat Search and Rescue Radios

Combat survival when every second counts.

CSAR Rechargeable Battery
3515LSR Test Set

Isolated personnel can be located faster using the HOOK2 CSAR system. The system has proven reliable in the field, and takes the guesswork out of a CSAR mission. The last thing you should have to worry about is your radio failing.

Encrypted two-way messaging and GPS ensures rescue crews are informed, and enemies aren’t.

Support for every phase of a CSAR mission:

AN/PRC-112G® Transceiver — Gives isolated personnel a secure and reliable means of alerting rescue crews where they are.

Quickdraw2® Interrogator — Plugs into the intercom system of virtually any aircraft, transforming it into a CSAR platform. Rescue crews in the aircraft can talk directly to survivors on the ground with TAC/TAG capability.

SATCOM Base Station — Isolated personnel can also talk OTH to rescue forces when they aren’t in LOS range. Survivors receive an automatic message letting them know their message has been received.

GPS-112 Program Loader — Users can load encryption key, datum, frequencies, waypoints, and user I.D. codes into the AN/PRC-112G and AN/PRC-112B1 transceivers and the Quickdraw2 Interrogators.

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HOOK2 training is available — come to us or we can come to you! For dates and pricing information, visit our training site. Please e-mail us for on-site customer training.

Training Topics

  • PRC Operation
  • Quickdraw Operation
  • Programming and Maintenance
  • Base Station Operation
  • SARSAT Option Training (module added as required)
  • SATCOM Option Training (module added as required)

For full syllabus details, please download the HOOK2 Systems Operation Training Outline.