Tactical Radios

AN/PRC-154 Rifleman Radio HMS in Action - AN/PRC-154 and AN/PRC-155 AN/PRC-155

Now Being Delivered To and Deployed With U.S. Troops as Part of the Soldier's Network


  • No Stove Pipes: Everything connects — without unnecessary gateways or extra devices to purchase.
  • Non-Proprietary: Waveform and feature upgrades are part of the program so you don't pay over and over for maintaining the capabilities you need.
  • No Infrastructure Required: Networks are self forming: no cell towers, no fiber optics, just your radios.
  • Network Management: Presets simplify pre-mission configuration and keying. Stores multiple missions for rapid enroute mission agility.
  • Every Warfighter Connected to the Network: Cleared and Uncleared Warfighters are included in the Battlefield Network for maximum interoperability and situational awareness.
  • Spectrum Efficiency: Efficient waveforms can send more information over the available bandwidth so spectrum can be used simultaneously by more devices.
  • Spectrum Flexibility: Flexible waveforms and radio hardware can adjust to multiple bands of frequency assignments.
  • Government Validated Network Performance: HMS radios have been optimized, tested, and validated through formal Government testing.