GEM X™ Universal Remote Encryptor Manager

The World's Most Widely Used Encryptor Manager

Networks are becoming larger, more diverse, and faster every day. As networks grow so does the number of encryptors needed to secure these networks. Often times these devices are located in different physical locations making the need for remote management critical. GEM X Encryptor Manager allows users to centrally manage all of their TACLANE® network encryptors locally or remotely, regardless of the location of the devices. This remote management capability not only saves significant time and money, but also decreases the risks associated with having to have personnel physically present to manage and configure the devices in forward deployed locations. GEM X is standards-based, easy-to-use and install, and does not require additional software or licensing making device management and configuration simple.

In addition GEM X uniquely provides automatic device discovery capabilities through the Generic Discovery Server (GDS) which eliminates manual configuration and operator error, reduces time getting online and going secure, increases network efficiency, and provides optimal routing and redundancy. Network security is complex, GEM X makes management easy. GEM X - simplifying complex network management.  

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GEM X Features

  • Manages up to 1,000 TACLANE encryptors
  • One manager for all  IP encryption needs
  • Automate encryptor provisioning and monitoring
  • Facilitate delivery of configuration, key, and firmware over the network to one or more ECUs
  • Upload, download, and clone ECU configuration
  • Retrieve, view and archive device audit data remotely
  • View graphical encryptor network map
  • Generate reports (Queries, Event and Audit logs)
  • Role based access control (admin, controller, monitor)
  • Up to 12 managers can be defined
  • Remote INE monitoring and configuration
  • Operating Systems: Windows® XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server
  • Easy to install: no additional software or licensing required
  • Standards-based

Technical Specifications

PC/Windows Configuration

  • OS Supported: 32-bit Windows® XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, or Server 2008 R1; 64-bit Windows 7,  Server 2008 R1, Server 2008 R2
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB available space on hard drive
  • CD drive for installing GEM X software
  • CD-RW, disk or tape drive for archives and backups
  • Intel Pentium D CPU 3.00 GHz (2 CPUs) or equivalent
  • Monitor with minimum supported resolution of 1024x768

COTS Software Installed by GEM X

  • BRASS version (SNMP service — 32-bit Windows)
  • BRASS version (SNMP service - 64-bit Windows)
  • BRASS version (SNMP service — Solaris)
  • PostgreSQL 9.1.5

COTS Software Installed by GDS

  • Java™ Runtime Environment v1.6.0_18
  • Java Cryptography Extension v1.6.0-RC
  • PostgreSQL 9.1.5

Fronting Encryptor

  • TACLANE® R3.x fronting TACLANE IP networks

Management Protocol

  • SNMPv1 and SNMPv3 

Interoperability With Encryption Devices

  • TACLANE Classic & E100
  • TACLANE-GigE 3.1 or higher
  • TACLANE-Mini 3.1 or higher
  • TACLANE-Micro 3.3 or higher
  • TACLANE-C100
  • TACLANE-10G 
  • KG-540 A/B
  • Sectéra® vIPer™ Phone 1.2 or higher

Classification Level

  • Software and documentation are unclassified
  • Manage encryptors at any level up through TS/SCI
  • Network workstations are classified at the same level as the network

TACLANE® Encryptors

  • Manages up to 1,000 Devices
  • Eases HAIPE® v4 Transition
  • Easily Configure, Monitor and Upgrade Devices Remotely
  • Assign Keys
  • View and Retrieve Audit Logs
  • Query Event and Audit Data

Sectéra vIPer Universal Secure Phone

  • Discover Phone IP Address
  • View and Change Network Settings
  • View and Change Phone Settings
  • Change Passwords
  • View Software Version

Planned Enhancements

  • Support for KMI OTNK (KMI Aware INEs) and Classified DGSK

Generic Discovery Server Automatic Device Discovery Capability

The Generic Discovery Server (GDS) capability allows a HAIPE® device to be automatically discovered on the network. The GDS registers each new HAIPE on the network in a database that can be used by peer HAIPE devices to locate each other. Whether you are managing a large network or mobile HAIPE devices, the GDS provides significant benefits:

  • Eliminates manual configuration and operator error
  • Simplifies large/remote network configuration
  • Reduces time to get online and go secure
  • Increases network efficiency
  • Provides optimal routing and redundancy

GDS, in combination with GEM X, provides a complete management solution- both device discovery and management. GDS comes bundled with GEM X and is also available as a stand alone product for GEM X Lite users. The ability to host both GEM X and GDS on the same platform with a single fronting device saves costs as well as administrative labor.

Release Information

The current GEM X software release versions are as follows:

GEM X for Windows
Operating System
Windows 2003 Server;  Windows XP (SP2); Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows Server 2008
GEM X Lite (Free)
Windows 2003 Server; Windows XP (SP2); Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows Server 2008 R1

GEM X Lite

To receive your FREE GEM X Lite software, please use this form.

Non-U.S. Customers Only: Please do not submit your request for GEM X Lite through this web site. Contact TL Upgrade via telephone (781) 455-5559 or email for assistance in obtaining GEM X Lite which is controlled by the U.S. Government’s International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR) and requires an export license unless an ITAR exemption is applicable.

General Dynamics 24/7 customer support24/7 Customer Support

You are never alone when you partner with General Dynamics to secure your critical information. With over 100,000 deployed NSA-certified encryptors worldwide, General Dynamics is committed to support our customers worldwide with a 24/7 technical Help Desk.

Help Desk — Contact our technical Help Desk 24 hours a day/7 days a week:
DSN 644-1139

Our Infosec support page is designed to make it easy for customers to access the information they need. Please visit for the following support features:

  • Product Update Notifications — Sign up to receive technical bulletins, upgrade notices and other important product information automatically via E-mail.
  • Warranty Status — Enter the serial number of your encryption device to find out the date your warranty or maintenance expires.
  • Depot Status— Track your encryptor through the depot.
  • Order Status — Track the status of your orders.
  • TACLANE-Micro/1G Trade-In Program — Please email for an RMA
  • Software Requests— Request Software Upgrades for your TACLANE encryptors, GEM Patches and GEM Lite Software.

TACLANE® Encryptor Training

The TACLANE encryptor Operator Training course is a hands-on, four day course offered in both our Scottsdale, Ariz., and Linthicum, Md., facilities. The course combines classroom presentations and hands-on-exercises designed to teach you how to install, configure and maintain the TACLANE-Micro (KG-175D) and TACLANE-GigE (KG-175A) encryptors in a practical operational environment. The course also includes a compete module of training on the IP version of our GEM X encryptor manager. For more information please visit our TACLANE training homepage.

The TACLANE Course Includes:

  • System overview
  • Getting to know TACLANE and its operating environment
  • Initialization
  • TACLANE configuration data
  • Display of TACLANE data
  • Key management
  • Securing calls
  • Security administration
  • TACLANE management functions
  • Maintenance and installation
  • Error scenarios and fault conditions
  • Managing multiple TACLANE encryptors in an IP network environment using GEM X

TACLANE, Sectéra,  vIPer and GEM X are trademarks of General Dynamics. HAIPE and FASTLANE are trademarks of the National Security Agency. All other product and service names are the property of their respective owners.

The Type 1 encryption provided by the TACLANE is part of the Department of Defense Defense in Depth strategy. Type 1 encryption is only one portion of the overall defense in depth. A comprehensive network Information Assurance strategy involving Defense in Depth is required to ensure secure and reliable protection for sensitive and classified information. General Dynamics is not responsible for ensuring the security of customer networks. A customer is responsible for evaluating his/her own network security requirements and is solely responsible for ensuring the security of his/her networks.