Our Impact

We are making a difference around the world.

  • We are a global leader in communications and networking, providing networks that are mobile, interoperable, self-healing and engineered for secure transmission, rapid deployment and maximum performance.
  • Deploying nationwide wireless communication systems, we enable our customers to realize the full potential of interoperable collaboration.
  • As a market leader for network encryption, we provide the assurance that communications and information have the highest level of security.
  • First to connect the soldier to the tactical network, we provide our customers the command and control solutions to quickly and easily accomplish their mission.
  • Our 20 years of enabling the U.S. military and government to affordably access commercial off-the-shelf, semi-rugged and fully rugged computing platforms and accessories, provides our customers the cost-effective, innovative solutions necessary to power command and control for any environment.
  • We have a global reputation as leaders in the development of software-programmable technology having fielded the first fully software-programmable radio in use by U.S. Forces; these smaller radios are lighter weight, consume less power and can be reconfigured to adapt to new technology.
  • As the largest manufacturer of satellite communication ground station equipment in the world, we provide our customers with a critical common-link for reliable, networked communications.



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Contact Information

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: 1-877-449-0600
Global: Your AT&T Country Code + 877-466-9467
DSN: 312-282-1048