General Dynamics Mission Systems Benefits PageWe offer benefits that support you in your life as well as in your career.

At General Dynamics Mission Systems we want you to know that your efforts are truly valued. That's why we offer benefits that are designed to support you as a person as well as a professional. Our program is flexible to allow you to find the coverage that is right for the life you lead. Of course when your life changes, you can adapt our programs to better match your needs — so you can focus on the big picture.

We know benefits matter in your career decision. So take your time and explore everything we have to offer. From your health to your education to your long-term financial success, you’ll discover that our commitment is second to none.

It’s easy to see just how committed we are to our people.

You don’t become one of the best places to build a career without getting your benefits program right. At General Dynamics Mission Systems we think our benefits are among the very best. Pick a benefit, click for details, and see for yourself.


Health and Well-Being Benefits   Financial Security Benefits
Medical Benefits

Employees have the option of selecting coverage for employee only, for employee and spouse/same sex partner, employee and dependent child/ren*, or employee and family (eligible dependents). The company pays a substantial portion of the cost of employees' health and welfare benefits. Employee premiums are payroll deducted bi-weekly. (*Eligible dependents to age 26.)

Different levels of coverage are represented by different options within each plan:

  • High deductible health plans (known as Personal Health Account Plans) that allow access to a Health Savings Account are available in most locations, or
  • No coverage with proof of coverage elsewhere
Health Savings Account
Health Savings Accounts allow employees who are enrolled in one of the Personal Health Account plans to set aside pre-tax dollars to cover out of pocket medical expenses. Whatever is not used in the calendar year can roll over to the next year. The Health Savings Account is limited to an annual contribution.
Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending accounts allow employees to pay for certain health care and dependent care expenses with before-tax dollars. They reduce taxable income, so they save employees money. Employees may enroll in the following two flexible reimbursement accounts:

  • Health Care FSA
    (may contribute a minimum of $100 up to a maximum of $2,500 pre-tax dollars)
  • Dependent Day Care FSA
    (may contribute a minimum of $100 up to a maximum of $5,000 pre-tax dollars)
Dental Benefits
The Dental plan provides various levels of coverage for preventive and restorative services.
Vision Benefits
The Vision plan provides various levels of coverage for eye examinations, lenses, frames and contact lenses, as well as discounts on laser surgery.
Disability and Life Insurance

Short-Term Disability

(STD) General Dynamics Mission Systems provides eligible employees with a Short-Term Disability (STD) plan. The STD plan pays benefits only for approved absences related to the employee's own illness (e.g., the plan does not pay for benefits for absences related to dependents' illnesses.)

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

When an employee cannot work for an extended period due to serious illness or injury, LTD coverage works with social security and other benefits to replace a percentage of the employee's pay. LTD coverage may be purchased at a level of coverage equal to 60% of employee's monthly pay. General Dynamics Mission Systems will cover the full cost of the 50% LTD option. An employee must be totally disabled over a 26-week period to qualify for benefits.

Basic Life

General Dynamics Mission Systems provides employees with basic life insurance coverage in the amount equivalent to 1 times annual salary.

Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

General Dynamics Mission Systems provides employees with basic AD&D insurance coverage in the amount equal to 1 times annual salary.

Supplemental Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Employees may elect to purchase additional life insurance and AD&D insurance for themselves, their spouse and their dependent child/ren at group rates. Evidence of Insurability (EOI) for employee and/or spouse may be required at some levels of coverage.

General Dynamics Mission Systems will observe seven (7) company holidays. In addition, up to three (3) holidays will be available as personal floating holidays depending on date of hire. Employees may take this to observe a religious or patriotic holiday of their choosing or for other personal reasons. Certain restrictions apply per policy.
Education Reimbursements
General Dynamics Mission Systems provides the opportunity for employees who meet certain qualifications to receive reimbursement for tuition and certain other expenses associated with approved educational programs.
Paid Time Off

Full-time or part-time (minimum of 20 hours per week) salaried employees are eligible for paid time off based on length of accredited service with the company. For full-time and part-time employees, including employees who share a job with another employee, the amount of PTO is based on regularly scheduled work hours. Employees less than five (5) years of service are eligible for 120 hours of PTO.


The amount of PTO is based on an employee's completed years of accredited service in the current plan year in accordance with the PTO Policy.

Newly hired employees will accrue PTO at a rate of 4.62 hours bi-weekly (120 hours divided by 26 pay periods).

Rehired employees will accrue PTO at the same rate as a new hire unless and until their previous General Dynamics service is bridged. If prior service credit is granted, PTO eligibility will then be based on the employee's total credited service years. If, when the bridged service date is applied, the employee is then eligible for an increase in the PTO accrual rate, the accrual of PTO hours will begin at the new rate as of the date the service adjustment is effective. An increase in PTO accrual is not retroactive to the rehire date.

Flexible Schedules

General Dynamics Mission Systems is committed to policies that provide flexible work arrangements to meet the requirements of a diverse workforce.

A flexible arrangement permits employees, with their supervisor's advance approval, to arrange their work schedules around a set of "core" hours, while maintaining the usual number of working hours each day.

Telecommuting is another alternative work arrangement that allows all full-time and part-time employees to work at home, at a satellite office, or at another remote location(s), for all or part of the work week, with their supervisor's prior approval.

Business Casual Environment
At General Dynamics Mission Systems, we dress in business casual attire most every day of the work week.
Fitness Program
Up to $250 per year reimbursement for an employee's own membership in a fitness facility or program where an on-site facility is not available.
Employee Assistance Program
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential resource designed to provide clinical and non-clinical assistance to employees experiencing problems that may affect their general well-being or job performance. The EAP is intended to promote behavioral health, while respecting the individual's right to privacy. The EAP is a company-provided program offered to full-and part-time employees and their immediate family members at no cost.
Adoption Assistance Program

In continuing efforts to help employees achieve a better balance between work and family life, General Dynamics Mission Systems provides employees with an Adoption Assistance Program. The program supports General Dynamics Mission Systems' philosophy of providing the flexibility necessary to meet the individual needs of our diverse employee population. The Adoption Assistance Program is available to regular full-time and regular part-time employees. General Dynamics Mission Systems will reimburse full-time employees up to $4,000 and part-time employees (minimum of 20 hours per week) up to $2,000 for covered expenses when they adopt a child who is under 18 years old, or a child 18 years of age or older who is physically or mentally incapable of caring for himself or herself. These reimbursement amounts apply to each child who is adopted, once the adoption is final.

For expenses to be covered, they must be for costs incurred for a legal adoption while actively employed by General Dynamics Mission Systems. Employees must be on payroll at the time an assistance payment is made. Other restrictions apply as outlined in the program.

Legal Plan
General Dynamics Mission Systems' optional Legal plan provides employees and eligible dependents access to experienced, local network attorneys in addition to a wide range of covered legal services for a monthly fee paid through payroll deduction.
Retirement Benefits

401(K) Plan

The General Dynamics 401(k) plan lets employees save and invest money now to help meet some financial needs during retirement. All regular full-time and part-time (minimum of 20 hours per week) employees of General Dynamics Mission Systems are eligible to join the General Dynamics 401(K) plan if they are paid through the payroll system. Any contributions made during the plan year will be matched 100% on the first 3% and 50% on next 3%. Company matching contributions will be made each pay period and will be invested in the same funds as the employee has their contributions allocated. Employees are 100% vested in their own contributions and 100% vested in the company match immediately. The 401(K) plan offers withdrawal and loan features.

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