There are pivotal points where communication and information technology meet. We have delivered networks and systems that stretch across more than 42,000 miles of coastline. Others connect small groups, like firefighters working to contain a forest fire raging though isolated, mountainous terrain.

Our high-tech professionals work tirelessly to deliver vital voice, video, data and other information, enabling our customers to collaborate in real-time and many times, saving lives and property.

The work we do with the U.S. Department of Defense, federal agencies and allied nations has garnered a worldwide reputation for excellence in solving challenges to critical mission needs.



  • Airborne ISR (GD Canada)

    Fully supported turnkey weapon systems for fixed-wing, helicopter or UAV platforms.

  • ATC CM-300/350 V1 & V2 Series VHF/UHF Transmitter/Receiver

    Designed to meet the mission requirements of air traffic control centers, commercial airports, military air stations and range installations. Backed by a new extended warranty, the CM-300 series are based on the proven CM-200 series radios.

  • ATC CM-400 Transmitter/Receiver

    Specifically designed to meet the dynamic mission requirements of air traffic control centers, commercial airports, airlines, military air stations, and range installations.


  • Bowman (GD Canada)

    General Dynamics Canada is the system architect, system design authority, and system integrator, as well as the local area system subcontractor for the program.


  • Common Hardware Systems - 4 (CHS-4)

    A ten year indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract that provides commercial and rugged computers, network hardware equipment, power subsystems, peripheral devices and commercial software to U.S. Department of Defense customers worldwide.



  • Fortress® ES520 Deployable Mesh Point

    A multi-function wireless access device, wireless bridge, switch, and security gateway designed for rapid outdoor deployment.

  • Fortress® ES820 Vehicle Mesh Point

    A wireless access device with integrated security functions designed to be embedded in ground vehicles, unmanned systems, ships, boats and other mobile platforms.

  • Fortress® ES210 Tactical Mesh Point

    A portable wireless access device with integrated security, battery and GPS in a man wearable, highly portable, rugged form factor for dismounted personnel.

  • Fortress® ES2440 Infrastructure Mesh Point

    A two or four radio wireless access device designed for use with sector antennas for outdoor environments. The ES2440 has gigabit performance crypto throughput and is enabled with GPS.




  • LandWarNet School-Resident Training

    The LandWarNet School trains tactical communications systems to IET soldiers as well as commissioned, warrant and noncommissioned officers.

  • Last Mile Key Management

    Securely and reliably delivering cryptographic key material from the key management infrastructure to the end devices.


  • Multi-Domain and Cross-Domain Solutions

    General Dynamics is the only company that has been developing, certifying, and accrediting a broad line of inter-related multilevel and cross-domain technologies listed on this site.



  • Privilege Management

    Privilege Management enables you to provide access to enterprise services and data based on a registered identity.


  • Secure Voice

    With more than 70,000 devices deployed worldwide, Sectéra® personal communication devices provide certified high-assurance, end-to-end secure communication solutions for GSM, CDMA, ISDN, Analog, VoIP and satellite networks.

  • Space and Ground Systems

    General Dynamics has been a leading provider of satellite ground systems solutions for more than 30 years. Our experience and constant innovation bring the value of satellite systems in space down to the users on Earth.

  • Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS)

    General Dynamics is the prime contractor for NASA’s Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS) project that is modernizing the space agency’s ground infrastructure systems for their Space Network, and provides for continuous technology insertion and system upgrades for the next 25 years.

  • Special Operations Forces

    Equipping you, the special operator, with the tools and technology needed to help U.S. SOCOM achieve their goals.


  • Tactical Ground Reporting System (TIGR)

    The TIGR system is a web-based information management application that facilitates collaboration and sharing of information at the Company level and below.

  • Trusted Embedded Environment (TEE)

    TEE is a Separation Kernel/Hypervisor for high assurance systems. TEE is an enabling technology, providing interfaces for developing applications in a MILS environment. TEE is targeted towards tactical embedded environments and is scalable to workstation and server environments.

  • Trusted Network Environment (TNE)

    TNE is multilevel management for files, e-mail, collaboration, web, database, and auditing capabilities. TNE provides full cross-domain solutions with single-level to multilevel bi-direction transfers. It is NSA and DIA Certified and Accredited IAW DCID 6/3 requirements for Protection Level 4 operations to the desktop.

  • TVE Trusted Multilevel Computing Solution

    TVE is a multilevel computing solution that allows users to simultaneously view and access multiple security levels, operating systems and domains from a single computer, eliminating the need for multiple computers.


  • Underwater ISR (GD Canada)

    An open architecture modular multi-sensor fully integrated sonar suite suitable for all classes of ships and submarines.