AN/PRC-155 2-Channel Manpack

AN/PRC-155 2-Channel Manpack HMS in Action AN/PRC-154 and AN/PRC-155
How Does Your PRC-155 Connect You?
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100% Solution for mounted and dismounted network connectivity in the most powerful piece of tactical equipment in the soldier communications arsenal

The first two-channel radio capable of supporting advanced (SRW, WNW, MUOS) and current-force (SINCGARS, SATCOM, HF, waveforms, the AN/PRC-155 is the lightest and most capable manpack radio available today. The PRC-155 is ideal for vehicular installations as well as dismounted operations.

  • For vehicular mount or dismounted troops, creates self-forming ad-hoc networks in any battlefield scenario
  • Bridges networks together — legacy to future, terrestrial to beyond-line-of-sight, lower to upper echelons, unclassified to classified
  • Meets real HMS requirements now and provides the capabilities needed today
  • Is reconfigurable and interoperable with current-force and future radio platforms


See how using the PRC-155 2-channel Manpack over MUOS will provide the best communications to the soldiers who need it most. (YouTube)